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In Come Play Soccer’s shooting clinics we focus on improving your shots.  Developing ambidexterity is a cornerstone of our shooting clinics. We recognize the value in dual footed players and want to ensure our players possess the quality to find the back of the goal regardless of the foot they find themselves on. From taking on defenders 1v1 to having to shoot off the volley goal scoring chances are never idealized. Replicating these shooting situations is an essential element to our training. We want to synthesize authentic scenarios our players would encounter in actual match play when practising their finishing. Interested in learning how to shoot our way? Come Play Soccer today!

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We are on break for the summer.  Enjoy the lake and check back in July as we be announcing our fall programming then.

Not sure if this is for you?  We will be running a series of free sessions in August to let you try it out.  Check back in early July for details.


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